Sunday, November 2, 2008

day two: NaNoWriMo

After two writing sessions today, my total word count is 4,138.

The story is taking little twists and turns and I still don't know quite where it is headed. Well, it can't be that many twists, it is not very long yet! Another character has surfaced, who may or may not be important. There has been a major development with one of the main characters, and who I thought was leading this show of literary exploration may actually be the supporting actor, after all!

What an adventure this writing of a book is so far, and it is only day two. I am still just showing up on the computer and seeing where they characters lead. I am also amassing a list of resources and web pages for some of the things that puzzle me or for which I feel there may be a need for more details later.

This is interesting, because I really do not know where we are going. There is one character who obviously has a scheme and is on the road looking for support, but he has not told me what his scheme is. I tried to force something on him, but it did not fit and he rejected it.

No, I am not talking to myself. Not yet, anyway. Smile.

I am hanging around the keyboard to see who shows up and where we are going today. Tomorrow will be my first day of working and writing. I am not quite sure how it is going to work with an appointment with the trainer, a chiropractic appointment, and an eight hour job. We'll see!

I was happy to discover yesterday that I can access my Google docs from my Blackberry. I can't edit them, but I can read them. Which means I have access to my latest draft of the novel whenever I have text service, even if I do not have my laptop or do not have internet access for the laptop. So, with Blackberry in hand and even some paper and a pen, my novel is only a couple clicks away!

Yesterday, writing at home was much more productive and I managed to nearly double my word count in less than half the time as the first chunk. Today was the opposite. I was at home, alone (a rare treat), and slogging away at the keyboard between loads of laundry, feeding the cats, and other assorted distractions. So I walked over to the Bipartisan cafe to be able to focus among the crowds at tables, hissing of the espresso machine, and other people typing and studying. At the cafe my word county doubled in, again, half the time I had spent at home.

Still searching for the magic formula that will make it all happen smoothly and easily.

Oh, I forgot, it does not work that way. *smile*