Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaNoWriMo: day 10 (monday)

Despite oversleeping and being late for the first thing on my schedule (thankfully it meant I missed Tai Chi class and just did cardio at the gym instead and didn't mean I missed a job), then followed by working until 11 pm, I did manage to meet the daily word average accumulation. Because of what I was doing, I had a little "be alert" but not actually moving my hands time on the job (the client was watching part of a captioned movie with peers), I was able to get a little writing done, albeit by hand. On a later break, I added up the number of words and I had done 320 manually. Later I was able to get on the computer and I got my novel up to speed.

My current word count, at 10:05 pm is 17,022 (the goal was 16,670).

One of the main characters has disappeared completely and some suspicious items have just been found; another character (the man with the scheme) has been in a car accident; there was a break-in at a news anchor's office; a second mysterious French phrase has appeared in a new location; there is still the question of someone's behavior being a dissociative fugue or the resurfacing of a past life. And the name Emile Zola keeps coming up. Where are these characters taking me?