Friday, October 10, 2008


I pulled up my blog to post an entry about ... well, you'll see what about tomorrow. I was sidetracked by the date of my last post. Where did the week go? Geesh - I can't believe it's Friday already and I haven't posted since Monday.

It has certainly been one of Those Weeks. So I'm forgiving myself - but I didn't realize that I really hadn't posted in four days.

This week was filled with quite a bit of work, which began with 12 hours in two different jobs on Monday. I'm really not complaining. I feel fortunate to have the work coming my way right now, what with the economic situation and some people being unable to get an income source.

I also interpreted "Guys and Dolls" at Portland Center Stage last night. That was probably the major reason I didn't get to any posting until now. Translating the script, practicing with and without the other interpreters ... all of that is time consuming and takes a lot of brain power.

I've also been spending some time getting pumped up for NaNoWriMo. The forums are buzzing with plans and ideas and introductions. I will be participating in the first midnight write-in - and I will have to miss the kick-off party the week prior due to work.

I'm also trying to do some preparation and planning for next week's jaunt. I will be going to Alaska, where I learned it is already snowing. Cold. Since it is a conference, I need to have my best clothes. The up side of getting in shape is that I can wear some of my clothes from before, so my wardrobe is expanding without added expense - and a couple of them are nice business outfits - woo!. The down side - which is very minor - is that some of my favorite clothes don't fit right - still good for kicking around the house or working in the yard.