Sunday, October 5, 2008

10k walk: update

The weather forecast was wrong. Which is not unusual for this part of the country at this time of the year; well, from now until February, or March. The meteorologists make their best guess with all of the radar, satellites, and other technology at their disposal - and then we see what happens. It did rain, pretty steadily, although not a downpour like the east side of Portland experienced. Which was good.

So now my workout buddy and I have experienced our first outdoor walk in the rain since we started this expedition to healthier lives. We got wet, we were a little cold in the beginning, and we didn't melt. Lessons learned: gloves would have been a good idea; I should have either worn my contacts (I was giving my eyes a breathing break and wore my glasses) or I should have remembered my hat with a bill which would have kept off most of the rain (it's hard to see with rain-splotted and foggy glasses); truly don't trust the weather report (my gut told me it would rain but all reports said no); do trust the trainer when she says to not wear cotton clothing when it will be raining (it holds in the moisture and dries very slowly). Oh, and don't go home and just put on a sweatshirt over the damp shirt because you're cold; it only makes you colder and the shirt (mostly cotton) will never dry!

I should have put this item first. And, because this is my blog and I can move things around before anyone sees them, I could do that right now and anyone who wanders here would never know. But, I'll leave it as is because that was my thought process.

The most important thing was that We Did It. And not only did we "did it" - we set a new record for ourselves, I believe. We walked the 10k in exactly to the minute: two hours! (Yes, there was someone who walked the entire marathon route in something like three and a half hours - but today WE did our best so far and, even with a potty pause, completed 10k in two hours.)

Yay for us!

And, no, I don't have a picture. I wish I did. When the marathon photographers get their pictures uploaded, I will see if we were lucky enough to be in any of them and add one on.

Yay me! Yay Brenda!