Wednesday, October 1, 2008

found: please don't vote

I heard that my stepson has decided to not vote. He doesn't believe in the system. So he is not going to vote. He believes something major has to happen for things to change. Could be; but that something major would be, well, major - like Everyone Not Voting. That is not going to happen in my lifetime; probably not in his. But I don't believe that not voting is the answer. I think that not voting is giving two to the other side - the person who sits next to you on the bus/subway/sushi belt/steakhouse who will vote against you and the vote you're not doing. I can point out four people from my family of origin, six if I add spouses, and more than I want to know right now if I add in spouses of nieces and nephews - who will be voting against everything I believe and my stepson believes. His vote would offset one more of their votes.

To get the video'a message, it is important to watch it all the way through.