Sunday, October 5, 2008

10k mayor's walk

We did it in two hours to the minute! (Calculating to the minute is close enough for us. We don't need to know the seconds -- which I understand is important to the runners.) It rained for most of it - despite the many weather predictions which said it would not rain and would merely be overcast. But it was good to get the first "wet" walk out of the way. Now I know what I need to do differently and I have a response to "what will I do when it rains?" Which is: walk. Or maybe opt for the gym if it is really wet / cold / windy. And buy a better jacket for walking - one that repels rain a little better and is not cotton so it will wicke away the moisture and dry out quicker -- my trainer told me that but I didn't expect it to rain today. Also make sure to keep a hat with a bill in the car. I wore my glasses today (instead of contacts; letting my eyes breathe for a day), which became wet and fogged up from my body heat. A visor would have keep my glasses drier and prevented fogging. Get a pair of lightweight, wicking gloves - it was cold when we started out this morning; and it will surely be colder when we do the Jingle Bell Run on December 7th.