Saturday, November 3, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 3 : cold versus word count

We have one complete bathroom at home now!


I woke up with a cold.


Just enough of a cold to be tired from the inside-out and a little bit cranky. But I slept a lot. Then I had to get up and shower (at home, yes!) and dragged myself to work.

I went a little bit early so I could get a bit of writing done before I punched in. But that didn't really happen - there was more traffic than I planned and I had way less time to write than I planned. Only 100 words today. Which is why I have an orange square for today.

Better than zero, right?

Right now I'm sitting at 3500 words. I should be at 5000. Day three and I'm already behind. Not good. I will get caught up; hopefully sooner rather than later.

Maybe I can get a few more out after I get off work. Doubt it, as tired as I'm already feeling - but sometimes I get energy on the drive home (a good thing!) so if there's some left, I'll try to get out another chapter at least, and then try for more writing before work tomorrow.

I do have one full day devoted to writing next weekend. Well, driving to the state write-in and writing. It will be okay.

This is one of those colds where I have to remember to "not believe everything I think" because my thoughts are a bit dulled and wallowy right now. I know I will get caught up and I will make it through this 50k+ novel this month. It's still way early. (And I have a weekend writing retreat planned mid-month for just that purpose.)