Saturday, November 17, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 17: Writing Grains of Sand

It's been stormy at the coast for most of the day. The cabin is warm with its old fashioned heater and the fully stocked kitchen has made staying in to eat easy and healthy.

There was a break in the storm for a while and, since I had written about 3,200 words by that time, I decided to take a break and go to the beach for a walk.

The wind was mild and the temperature cold, but I didn't care. I had on layers and my rain coat, since I could see the rain hovering on the ocean which could hit the town before I got back. But once I got on the beach, I took off my Keens. My feet needed to feel the sand and the salty water, even though it was about 43 degrees.

No, I didn't go wading, except to cross a couple of small streams running to the ocean.

A nice balance to the sitting and typing. Ah.

Then, after a shower to thaw my feet and warm my chilled body, I made a kale salad and a side of quinoa.

Followed by more writing. Some of it against a backdrop of Law & Order on the TV. (Perhaps that's what influenced the murder of a dog in the novel today. Hm.)

I'm calling it a day - and a good writing day it was. My total word count is now 34,180. Total words written today? Just over 5,000.

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