Monday, November 12, 2012

NaNoWriMo day 12 : A Wandering We Go

Today I wrote another 1,791 words - giving me an ending total word count of 22877. Not a palindrome, but a nice tidy number.

photo from urbanspoon

The words I wrote today were much more scenic, thanks to the ex-girlfriend and her trip into the Gorge. She told me stories as I waited for my soup and salad plus tuna at Fresh Thyme Soup in Beaverton. She waited patiently and let me take bites between sentences. And she didn't get very far, but she did spice up the landscape of the novel with her trip descriptions.

That was the first half of my word count for today.

Black Rock Coffe Bar, Beaverton

I left Fresh Thyme Soup Company and headed over to the nearby Black Rock Coffee Bar for my daily (or nightly in this case, it was 4 pm) decaf soy latte. With a delicious and very hot latte I drove to work and parked my car, got out the laptop, and proceeded to write the rest of my words for today. Yes, in the car in the parking lot again, with a very hot latte.

I'm keeping ahead of the word count target and, at this point, NaNoMonitor says I should finish around November 26th.