Friday, November 23, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 23 : 50k in 30 Days Benchmark Achieved

I did it!

I came home after work and said hello to my partner, who was still up reading. Then I poured a glass of wine and played a couple of games of Sherlock to let go of work (the logic puzzle game; nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes - the goal is to work with the clues given to figure out how these 6 things are grouped).

Then I got opened up my NaNoNovel, saved a backup copy in case something happen and I lost what I was about to write, and started typing.

And a little while later, I did it! I passed the 50k mark.

In the story, there is still a big mystery. Although those two characters are on the very edge of revealing what it is. I don't totally know what it is - but there was something revealed two chapters ago that there is a link between the person who died in the beginning and this person who the bartender is having an affair with. And  that may be somehow mixed up in the recent bomb threat - where an actual bomb was discovered - at the post office a couple of streets away from where the bartender works. And it probably is related to the murder of the dog, although nothing has been said about that, yet.

So, we'll see where this goes from here. I will try to get to the end of the first draft of this novel by the end of November. That is my goal and I'll see how it goes. I have another big event happening on Saturday, December 1st - the first meeting of the theatrical interpreting preparation workshop series I've started. I'm very excited about that and have been pulling together material, but I have a few more things to do to get the first session ready. So now that I've passed 50k in the novel and I feel like it is well under way and fun and like I've found its rhythm in terms of story, I might have to back off on the daily word count to make sure I get the workshop material all in order. And I feel like I can do that with this one and not lose that plot thread.

I will get a first draft of this NaNoNovel done! Whether it is by the end of November or not.


Five for five NaNoWins! I can't officially validate my word count as a winner until November 25th. But I did run it through the NaNoWordValidator and my word count as of right now is 50,325.

Yay, NaNo!