Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaNoSpin: Write What You Know? Write Where You Are!

photo from sangres.com
This NaNoAttempt I'm trying to avoid some of the "write what you know" stuff. Although at this pace, it's a little hard not to have some of that. I'm okay with having pieces from my life of from the lives of friends, but I vowed that this time around my MC won't be a writer. She hasn't been every time, but there usually is a prominent writer in the scene somewhere. Not this time; nope.
But as a twist on that topic, I am going with "Write Where You Are" this year. I've always done that a little bit, but it seems that circumstances this year are presenting me with even more odd opportunities. Like the laundromat yesterday. Which turned out just fine.

Today I was presented with another scenario. Not toally unusual - but it was writing in my car. I had gone to lunch-dinner somewhere where I have gone to write between an appointment and work before. But that didn't work out this time, so I ate and left. But I still had an hour between that time and work and I had my laptop.

Luckily my laptop has a good battery and it was still at 75%, so I parked in the lot outside my job and, yes, indeed ... I wrote about 1000 words on my laptop in my car. With the laptop balanced on my steering wheel and my belly I typed away.

And a new turn has come up. It's not a twist in the story and it's not a new direction - but it's a little side trip in the story. It's with the secondary MC who is vying to become the main MC. So we'll see where she takes me. And she's threatening a sex scene, I think. She's in a relationship and she's remembering her previous relationship.

She's down at Angel Fire and then in Taos (there is some of the "what I know" information). And she meets this trashy yet not trashy waitress. And it looks like they're headed to bed. Though I'm not sure. Something is going on between them.

Ah, NaNo, the paths you take me on.

And, no, this is not a romance and not chicklit. It was billed as a mystery, and that is there. Somewhat. Trying to be there. Hints have been dropped.

Okay. I made my word count for today and I'm sitting at 10,542. This gives me a cushion of 542 words. I'd like a little more, but I think my writing for today is done.

A good day of writing in the car!