Monday, December 19, 2011

"Meatballs On My Mind"

No, I don't have meatballs on my mind.

But that was the latest story I submitted to the Intensive online workshop.

I've been keeping up in there. And I did get a story written for the regular Wayward Writers online class and turned in ... well, not quite on time - 19 minutes late.

And I have written more. Yesterdays' Intensive story was actually almost double the word limit so I had to cut it back. Way back. I did. And I have another story to tell, to work on, to revise - because I had to cut out a lot of story I liked to make it work. It did. And I still have the pieces.

The same with the first story. I had three-quarters of a story written and it wasn't even near the prompt I was aiming for. Then I dropped that one all together, thinking I was going to use it for the regular assignment, but ended up writing a completely different story for that.

All told, I've written about 6,500 words in three days.

Not bad!

And fun.