Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Didn't Drown

That seems like an odd title for a post. But it's true.

Two events yesterday where there was the possibility of drowning.

One - as silly as this may seem - was that I went swimming for the first time since the medical incident at the beginning of October. Since the incident involved breathing issues, this was not a totally random or unrelated thought. When you add in the fact that I passed out due to overexertion in my at-that-time unknown medically compromised state, which cut off oxygen/blood supply and which is what finally got me to the hospital - the fear of drowning in the pool due to breathing issues was not out of the blue. A little paranoid, probably - I'm breathing much better - but I realized my fear and just made sure there was someone else in the pool. And to not push beyond what I could do.

Two - was a metaphorical drowning. As in being unable to write the Intensive writing assignment and work on today's regular Wayward assignment. And give Intensive feedback. But I did! And I even wrote extra and had to edit it down. And I wrote the beginning of something else for today's Intensive story - which went in a totally unexpected direction.

It was a good day. I think I've found a creative stride and I'm exploring where the difference came from. Two days ago I was totally blocked and no words would come.

Now look at me. Swimming in water and words and keeping afloat. And happy.