Thursday, December 15, 2011

Keeping On Keeping On

This is a short post.

But I want to keep in touch and don't want to let all momentum be lost in the mire of finals and requests for "information now" when my "now" is already filled.

To not give up because I received thumbs down on a contest and then, today, another thumbs down on a writing residency. The residency didn't really come as a surprise because, after I submitted my application and materials, I realized that I hadn't said the things they wanted to hear - meaning, truly, I wasn't a good match for their vision statement. They had about 1,000 applicants and had to select only 40 out of the group.

I just finished interpreting the matinee of the same play I interpreted last Thursday night. There were a lot of patrons in the interpreted section, which made it even more fun. I worked with two good interpreters; it was fun and we did a good job.

My "now" in the moment is trying to get the rest of the finals graded so I can submit the grades. And have a break from teaching and all that goes with it until January 9th. Well, except for continuing to work on placements for the interns for next term.

And I have a story due on Sunday and the two-week intensive writing online workshop starts on Saturday (twelve pieces to write in fourteen days!). Excited and at the moment nervous.

A bit of truth is that right now I'm frustrated. Frustrated with the "need it now" and the "taking much longer than planned" and the medical situation needing attention. And where is my writing in this? It's After the grading is done; After the play is interpreted (which is now done and a couple weeks until we start the next one); After I call the nurse, the medical billing department, the doctor if needed; After I respond to the "now" requests. After.

Truth: I'm tired of my writing coming After.

I want to write Now.