Thursday, April 14, 2011

Writing Playlist

Yes - it was another of those synchronous moments.

Last week I saw some tweets and read an essay with a question for writers about : What do you listen to when you write? Then at work on Sunday, on a break, I pulled out one of the writing magazines I carry with me to read on breaks or when I'm stuck some odd place between jobs - and there was an article about, yes, Playlists for Writers. I read one interview with an author who had some, what the interviewer called, odd things on his playlist when he was working on a particular book. (I apologize for not remembering for sure which magazine and which article - and I left the current group in the car; I think it was The Writer magazine, though.)

Then yesterday (Tuesday), what arrived in the mail? kd lang's newest album, with her back up band, the Siss Boom Bang. And I did get one of the signed manuscript sheets to one of the songs! Hooray. And, even better, when I popped that cd in to my car stereo, I had an immediate "ahhh." And I did something I've never done before, because I was excited at the first sounds I heard, I jumped ahead through each song, just to get a flavor of each one. Then went back to the beginning and started through it again. I didn't get to listen to much on Tuesday. But today (Wednesday), I had to do more driving - more time with kd and the Siss Boom Bang.

And I knew that this "Sing it Loud," kd's newest album, was on my memoir editing/rewriting playlist. Something about it connected and it feels like a fit. I don't have my entire playlist selected, but most of these songs will be on it.

Good thing, since I now have a new deadline to get a 25,000 word excerpt done for a contest! I have to have the manuscript excerpt submitted between June 1-30. I know what I'm going to be doing for the next 6 weeks!

Yes. Playlists for Writers. I like it.
Here is one of the songs, which is on the CD, although this version was recorded live at the Troubadour, on April 11, 2011.