Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hazel Dixon-Cooper: Aries New Moon

Astronomer and author Hazel Dixon-Cooper posted about the Aries New Moon. I'll just let you read her words. (and there is a link at the bottom to click to see your sun sign's horoscope during this period).

For those friends I've been around lately, this note about the "a sky filled with wild energy" may resonate. Note to myself : pay special attention to the bit about "slowing down..."

Thanks, Hazel!

Aries New Moon - Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday's New Moon in Aries adds even more mayhem to a sky already filled with wild energy. This anything-goes Moon joins the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, and retrograde Mercury in this impulsive sign. The resulting shoot-from-the-hip force can make us feel as if we're on a runaway roller coaster. Although the next few days are ripe to bring opportunities, invitations, and lucky breaks, the best way to snag something good is to slow down. Think about your options and don't rush. You'll need to stay organized and keep your eyes open because navigating the upcoming week can be as tricky as maneuvering an L.A. freeway during rush hour. Here is a sign-by-sign look at how this dynamic energy could impact you:
Hazel's sun sign horoscopes.