Monday, April 18, 2011

Pulitzer for Fiction goes to Jennifer Egan

The first book Jennifer Egan book I read was "The Keep." I was immediately drawn in and it was a difficult book to put down. I saw a little while ago - via a Twitter feed from friend, writer, editor, and dramaturg Mead Hunter - that Jennifer Egan was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction for her book, "A Visit From the Goon Squad." When I went to her website to get more information, I saw that this book has received many recognitions and awards.

from the Associated Press 4/18/2011

Jennifer Egan wins fiction Pulitzer Prize

NEW YORK (AP) — Jennifer Egan's inventive novel about the passage of time, "A Visit from the Goon Squad," won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction Monday, honored for its "big-hearted curiosity about cultural change at warp speed."

Egan, 48, has been highly praised for her searching and unconventional narratives about modern angst and identity. Her other novels include "The Invisible Circus," ''Look at Me" and "The Keep."

Critics were especially taken with "A Visit From the Goon Squad," with its leaps across time and its experiments with format, notably a long section structured like a PowerPoint presentation. Earlier this year, she won the National Book Critics Circle prize.

"The book is so much about how change is unexpected and always kind of shocking," she said by phone. Egan said she was inspired by Marcel Proust's sprawling novel "Remembrance of Things Past," which explored the passage of time.

"His book of time is all about how the work of time is unpredictable and in some sense unfathomable," she said. "So there's no question that winning a prize like this feel unpredictable and unfathomable."

Another book to add to my must-read list!  And I'm looking forward to it.