Friday, April 15, 2011

The Blind Cafe: Portland

Another moment - unrelated parts of my life aligning in a short period of time.

This one: I have a friend who is Deaf-Blind and I'm doing some online Deaf-Blind interpreting training - these two are related and nothing surprising about it. The two weeks ago I was at my favorite writing spot and there was a flyer on the counter about The Blind Cafe which caught my attention. Then last week I met up with my best friend from childhood who has recently become legallly blind. There are more areas of overlap there, as well. And a few days after that meeting, I was cleaning out my journal and there was the flyer for The Blind Cafe.

My friend just told me today that she contacted the organizers and will be volunteering one or two nights. I've submitted my name to do volunteer interpreting if there are any Deaf-Blind people who want to participate - and am willing to do other types of volunteering if there's a need.

This looks like an amazing experience - a meal in total darkness. And there will be original music and poetry.

The way these pieces have come together, I will be there whether as a volunteer or a participant. (And my refound childhood friend will be staying with me while she's volunteering since I live about a mile from the venue.)

The Portland Blind Cafe™

An Award Winning Community Awareness Concert & Dinner In The Pitch Dark!

June 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2011

@ Tabor Space / Mt Tabor Presbyterian Church
5441 Belmont Ave.
In beautiful South East Portland, OR
6PM Check In / 6:30PM Seating

The Portland Blind Cafe is a mind bending / heart opening experience where the audience will dine, particpate in a Q & A with their blind wait staff and enjoy a concert of orginal music by Rosh & One Eye Glass Broken...all in the pitch dark!

A delicious vegatarian* meal will be prepared with love to delight your senses by Portland's own Chef Ivy Entrekin and our lovely volunteers.

Your heart and mind will be opened as you embrace the poetry of Rick Hammond, celebrate and explore spacial awareness & darkness with Gerry Leary, while indulging in 'unencumbered music listening' without the distraction of visual conditioning, social etiquette & your cell phones!