Thursday, April 28, 2011

article sharing: defining your brand

I stumbled across this series of articles about social media for writers. Looks like some great information - and this first one is information for writers on defining your brand. Writers, social media, platform, branding.

There are links at the end of this article to others.

Social Media for Writers, Part 1: Define Your Brand

You’ve found this blog, so you have at least a working knowledge of the online world. Maybe you have a Facebook account or you send out the occasional tweet. But are you diving into social media in particular to sell yourself as a writer?

Whether you want to find writing assignments or become a staff writer, social media can help you get noticed and meet your goals. Today, we’ll look at building a brand. Next time, we’ll look closer at the tools and how to use them. In a future post, we’ll take these lessons and apply them to selling your writing directly to readers.

Define Brand You...