Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Script Frenzy update

Yes, I'm still writing the script. Whoa. Sometimes easy and sometimes not; two of the days the pages have flown by and I thought, wow this is easy! Then times like today - ugh. What do you mean I only typed 1.5 pages? So I typed another - what? 1? Okay....type type type type. Yay! I reached three pages. Wow.

It's still fun and I think I'm working something out through it.

Or priming the wheels for the other things I'm doing.

So my current page count is: 14!

And here is my little info from my Script Frenzy author page -- just for fun:

Title: The Not So Alternative Lifestyle
Script type: Stage play
Script genre: Romance/Romantic Comedy
Logline: A cautionary tale: the thing you fear may be no different than you. Love, laughter, and misunderstandings in a long term relationship.