Wednesday, December 31, 2008

looking ahead, of course

many people make new year's resolutions. some people keep them, some don't. some make them later. some start the year fresh as if nothing happened before, some commit to doing better.

i don't want to make promises i can't keep. and i don't want to continue to say 'i will.' so.

it's time for another year. and, while i've definitely learned a few things this last year and there are changes i want to make, i don't want to set myself up. if i make a promise i stick to it no matter what; which is not always a good thing; sometimes the promise was a mistake in the first place or wasn't what i meant or is detrimental in some way. so.

what i want to do better in 2009:
- write more often on a regular basis
- have more time off; meaning down time not just 'to do' time
- keep up with the exercising
- get enough sleep more often (may be related to time off)
- play more
- make dates more often that do not include anything to do with work
- learn to avoid the charged cloud of conditioning (shh, it's a secret)
- learn something new
- believe in myself

what i'm already doing towards these:
- am signed up for a winter writing workshop (Lit Star Training with Ariel Gore)
- in February, I have some pairs of days marked off (January doesn't look so good, due to a play - note to self...)
- have a 10k walk event on Jan 4th and a 5k walk event mid-march; joined a dragon boat team and training starts next week and continues into june
- sleep... make good faith efforts; keep sleep needs at top of awareness of things to do
- am noticing that 'charged cloud'... step one
- dragon boats is new!
- i like my nanowrimo novel, despite its need for heavy revision and recognize that it is no more outlandish or dumb than many things being written and published; is it a urinetown idea? no, i think it's more based in this world than that play - but wouldn't it be great if it were that successful?!

i think i'm off to a good start.

i hope your new year gets off to a good start and that you remember the good things from 2008 because, although there were some pretty awful things, i know, i'm sure there were at least a few good things. like seeing the sun break through the clouds and shining down on a bright yellow dandelion in the middle of a field of green. or seeing one perfect honey crisp apple sitting right there waiting for you to pick it up at the grocery store when they were on sale. or having a child walk up and offer you a grin spreading from cheek to cheek with an outstretched hand to give you a blue m&m.remember a smile and pass it on.