Monday, December 22, 2008

and with the snow...

...closures and cancellations. Many of them. This snow storm has proved to be the biggest on record for somewhere between 25-45 years, depending on which television channel is talking. There is much to say on that subject; maybe later.

Little did I know when I posted on Saturday that I would not even be near my computer for a couple days.

I left home yesterday morning - early - to get to a job. That was in the post I wrote Saturday night. I left nearly two hours before the job to walk to a bus to ride to the Max to get to the job site. It worked well and there was even a Starbucks open, so I arrived at work on time and with coffee.

As the snow continued to fall and stick and accumulate, and more businesses were closing there were a couple other pages to cover for other interpreters who couldn't make it to other jobs. One thing led to another and I found myself volunteering to cover the morning shift where I was working (the interpreters couldn't make it in); I was scheduled to be there at 3PM anyway. So I ended up spending the night at a nearby motel and going in early and staying until tonight. It actually worked out well - and I am tired.

Tomorrow I will try to dig out the car and see if we can go for a drive.