Tuesday, December 16, 2008

visit with the Navarro family

We held our writing workshop at the Casa, as usual, in the morning. There was a field trip planned out to a nearby village to visit the Navarro family at their home and place of business. They make beautiful weavings for table and wall runners, bags/purses, belts, etc. This is the traditional lap weaving, where one end of the threads are tied to a post and the loom fits around the weaver's waist. There were four of them working to make the textiles while we were there.

On the way back to Oaxaca we stopped for comida at a nice restaurant along the road. It was very delicious. I don't remember the name of the dish I ordered, but it was a squash blossom stuffed with cheese, pepper, and vegetables, and cooked with a light eggy outside, similar to chile rellenos (one of my favorites).

It took a while to get back through town to the Casa, because they were preparing for a big celebration which starts on Thursday. There have been some parties and other celebrations and protests while we've been here. But for this one we saw floats (different than the Rose Festival at home - but still floats) and carnival rides and heard marching bands practicing.

I wrote another short piece tonight from the writing prompt. Not an easy one and I went way off topic. And that is okay here. As cliche as it sounds, I am itching to get started on revising the novel. But I am going to wait until I get home. I still am feeling a little lost about how to begin, but am sure I will figure it out. With help.

Only one more group meeting at 10 AM tomorrow. Afterwards we are going to our facilitator's mother's home for a home cooked comida. Then a couple people are leaving. Most of us are staying tomorrow night and leaving at various times on Thursday. I will miss these writers.