Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: New Beginnings

New President. New Year.

Same old gray and rainy Oregon weather - only more of it. The flooding which was expected not to happen is. The temperatures rose faster than expected and there is much more rain than predicted and part of Coast Highway 101 was closed today due to there being a foot of standing water on the road. Drivers could not even see the road. And flood watches around Portland and across the state.

Right now it is raining so hard that our normally outdoor cat, who is just itching for a good fight, went out on the front porch and just sat on the mat. Everything is soaked and large drops are falling rapidly. Lester just sat there in as small as ball as he could make himself and waited for one of us to open the door.

What the wet has to do with new beginnings is, well, nothing!

Some things change. Some stay the same. Change is constant, like breathing. Snow, rain, sun, wind. Seasons.

A new year and a chance to say, "okay, this time I will ____" and insert what the next project will be.

For me, it seems that 2009 will be the year of relationships and not doing everything alone. A little scary - but one new type of work I'm doing puts me in an environment where I am working with other interpreters, and dragon boats is, of course, a team effort. And scheduling more time with partner. Happy sigh.