Saturday, November 11, 2023

Day 11: NaNoWriMo 2023

Start of day word count = 38,693
Total words written Day 10 = 2,454   

This was a lighter writing day. There were other things to attend to and it was a broken sleep day due to my work's schedule release being early in the morning. So, as a night owl, I have to try to go to bed earlier than usual so that I can get up very early to catch the schedule as it drops and, hopefully, add a little bit more time if my bid hours are not what I requested. 

Which, for the last year and a little more, it never is. The being unable to get what I bid has nothing to do with my job performance or anything like that. It has to do with the corporation making changes in how they're scheduling and there are other reasons they haven't told us about. That is how corporations are, in case you haven't experienced that yet, yourself. It has to do with their profit margin and something else. The hours I've been working for 10+ years are no longer available? I know a several people who have seniority over me in the one area I can't control - how long I've worked for the company - and of the ones I know, none of them are interested in working the late night hours. I've come up with potential other reasons, but those who know (or might know) are not talking; those who definitely know are not telling us the truth.

But this is not a hill I'm going to battle on. I am able to add hours other places once I find out how much they give me of my bids. I add bid awards to my reduced-by-them set schedule and then see where I can tack on more time. Not easy, not fun, but this is a better option than some others I have. 

But the early morning schedule release days mean that I get only a couple of hours sleep before the schedule drop. Get up and play with that for a little bit. Then I go back to sleep for as long as I can. So, in total, I might get enough sleep in there, but the two-hour sleep break is not my friend. I've never been a good napper and this system is kind of like a nap. A nap when I would usually sleep, wake up and do work stuff, then try to get some actual sleep. It also means I don't wake up until early afternoon.

A long day and I've learned that it is not usually a very productive day.

But I showered, got dressed, made my word count, and went to the store. So, not a bad day, as long as I keep my expectations low. Ha!

My word count was still a little above the average, which I like. And there was even more story writing which happened. Which makes me very happy!