Monday, November 6, 2023

Day 6: NaNoWriMo 2023

Start of day 6 word count = 12094
Total words written on day 5 = 2512
Story Wanderings by Dot

Most of my writing for day 5 was related to the year-long class I'm taking in the Literary Kitchen. There were a couple of other expository rounds of writing, too. But nothing on the actual story, except in my head.

My head and heart are also filled with the Palestine and Israel situation. I'm still reading and listening to podcasts to get a better understanding and avoid the pablum being put out by the media and the people spinning their stories about blaming this side or the other - but not holding responsible who is really to blame. I've listened to activists to the far left, Palestinians, Israelis, American Jews and American Muslims. I've listened to and read from long time activists and "lefties" and young people still in high school, in college, in their 20s and 30s.  

I disagree with the activist who said we should not be calling for ceasefire. We absolutely should. I agree that ceasefire is not the solution to the problem - it is not. But we need to call for the killing to stop. *And* we need to look to other actions to stop what has been happening for 75 years. 

My heart was already heavy with losses and changes and the world being both literally and figuratively on fire. But it has grown heavier this past month as atrocities mount and people turn against people in the name of religion and politics and more.

Hamas and Bibi's military must stop. And the people on the ground, the victims, the dead and their families? They are not Hamas and they are not the military. 

And the hate being waged against Jewish and Muslim and Israeli and Arab people here in the US needs to stop. It is appalling how quick and hateful the country has begun. But then, the set up for the hate has been brewing for many years - longer than I realized, I know (I was among the naïve who believed we had made huge strides forward and would never go back). But the foundation was laid long ago for this hate and there is a group or groups of people who have been working toward just the chaos we have right now.

This hatred needs to stop. Here in USAmerica and around the globe. 

Some days right now, what I can do is write the emotions, the reactions, the tears in the form of words.

This NaNo I am now hoping I will come out of it with a medium short story alongside exposition and maybe research and a lot of exposition. I am not expecting a miracle of a novella; I'd say "yay" if it happened, but I would also be surprised.