Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Day 7: NaNoWriMo 2023

Start of day word count = 16236
Total words written Day 6 = 4142

Day 6 was another process and non-fiction writing. Nothing more on the novella/novel/story. Truly I feel okay with that this year. For reasons I won't repeat and reasons not shared, I am satisfied with making writing happen, in the ways it needs to be. I am working on making more space for the writing I'd like to be doing more of: fiction, short story, memoir & creative non-fiction. I also want to have more time for experimenting with drawing, making comics, and I'd also like to have some focused time to learn more about watercolor in the realm of comics. Actual water and brush watercolor.

For now, writing is still happening every day.
Words go onto the page. 
My NaNoWordCount increases.

It's going well, even if it is currently in a complete jumble.