Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NW Animation Fest this weekend!

Portland is home to the largest animation festival in the US. The NW Animation Fest is happening this coming weekend at Hollywood Theatre. It has over 150 films and is billed as "a variety show that celebrates the best new work from independent animators around the globe."

The clip below is a trailer for the "Best of..." showing which took place last fall. But it gives you an idea of the quality of the films. 

The festival runs for two days and three nights. You can click on the links for each slot below to see more information about the films. The Hollywood Theatre link includes ticket purchase - and there is a discount for buying a festival pass.

Catch them all, or catch a few. It will delight and entertain. Visual storytelling! ...and more, of course... As an example of the information available for each time slot, I've copied in the highlights for Friday night below. Each link will take you to that day and time's lineup.

Friday Night 7/17  
Opening night includes nearly 30 astonishing short films. Here's some of what you'll see: A thief who steals famous paintings, eats them, and is physically transformed by what he consumes… Two cavemen in search of a fabled mathematical dinosaur… A romance of amoebas, as witnessed through the lens of a microscope… A young New Yorker who finds the girl of his dreams with help from an army of enchanted paper airplanes… The death and rebirth of a flying piano… A mad entomologist, whose discovery of a strange horned beetle allows him to change perception of time. Featured films include "Pythagasaurus," from the makers of Wallace & Gromit - and this year's Oscar-winner for Best Animated Short, "Paperman."

Saturday Afternoon  

Saturday Night

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Night

...trailer for the Fall 2012 "Best of NW Animation Fest" showing...