Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day : It's a New Month

I made it through the A to Z Blogger Challenge. It was a fun little ride and kept me doing a little bit of writing every day. Which was my goal. Some writers used the challenge to work on longer projects or promote their businesses or focused on a theme.

Not me. I did a free flow through the month, so my posts were random and varied. If I do it again, I might go for a theme. That would be a different type of a challenge. I don't know.

But I was sitting here today, ready and waiting to head out for an appointment. And I was thinking - what's missing? Oh! I haven't written a post today. So maybe the habit is back on track - of writing daily blog posts. Or maybe not.

This is a slow week and it feels good. I've been very busy and have a couple - no three - very busy weeks ahead. Which means that I'm going to try and enjoy this quiet time. I had a couple of things canceled (and canceled one myself), so I have time on my hands. Which does make it easier to write.

But even that assumption is going to be looked at: the idea of when I don't have time to write. Some days it is absolutely true. Or it's true if I want to sleep. Those days when I work 10 hours and have the drive time before and after the shift, plus sleep, plus showering and getting ready for work. Then I have time to either
workout or write - or to work on the script if I'm in show preparation mode, or any of the other work related activities I have.

photo from camsushi Insights
So today I'm writing again. Here. Not profound. Not enlightening. But I am writing. Keeping that daily habit.

And it is the first day of my participation in Christina Katz's "21 Moments" part one. I've been following her blog and have heard a lot of good things about her. And this "21 Moments" writing adventure seemed like a nice way to get a taste of her style, although it's via email, it's not interactive (until the end) - but it is writing!

So here's a raised glass of ice water on a sunny warm May Day. To continued (dare I say) daily writing, to the raised garden beds I'm going to put in, to the food dehydrator I'm going to buy, to being present and alive and creative!