Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Re-charge Just Ahead

Tolovana Beach 4/14/12 by Dot

Last Saturday I dragged myself to the beach. I know: poor me. Right? But I almost didn't go. I had a list of excuses why I shouldn't go and the cost of gas was only one. I dismissed each excuse as it came up and took myself by my lapels and forced myself into the car and headed to the sand and water and, surprisingly, very little wind.

It was perfect. I needed to be there. I needed the walk on the beach. I didn't really need to few blisters on my feet - but they will heal; they're small. And  they appeared after walking an hour on the sunny beach and wading in the water; no problem.

The air was clean. The ocean and the seagulls masked other sounds. The sun was not too bright, the wind was just enough to keep everything fresh, and the water in the air and around my feet refreshing.

And on Friday, I get to do it again. Except this time I will be staying for a couple of days. Just me. At the beach. In a little part of a house I'm renting which has a full frontal ocean view with nothing but dune grass and sand between me and the water. And a fire pit I think.

Me and the second half of Stephen King's "11/22/63", my laptop, a bottle of wine, some good food from New Seasons and/or Trader Joe's. I'll sleep and write and read and sleep some more. And sleep. Lots of sleep. If I get more nice weather, I'll walk on the beach. "Nice weather" doesn't mean a total lack of moisture in the air - it just means not heavy winds or rain. Drizzles and breezes are allowed; I'll have my rain coat and a couple of changes of clothes.

Recharge. That's what I'll do. It's been a bumpy couple of weeks and tomorrow night I'm interpreting the world premiere of a stage adaptation of "Anna Karenina." One of my characters is Anna. Three days and two nights at the beach.