Monday, April 16, 2012

Prescription for Writers

Okay. So some people might think, huh? What is this?

I guess I shouldn't call it a prescription because I am in no way a medical provider. But the prescription comes from a medical provider.

One thing that I would say all writers have in common is that we do a lot of sitting. Maybe no more than the average person (whoever that may be, I know, the "average" person is a mythical standard we're all held to). But we do at least our fair share of sitting. Or most of us. I'd love to see some creative ways writers deal with the sitting.

Elevated desks. Hydraulic desks which can be raised and lowered as desired or needed, from sitting level to standing level to fit ball level to, whatever. Or voice to text software which lets you walk and write your novel at the same time.

But, in general, I'd say that writers sit a lot.

So - this video is for us. It's not just for writers, of course. Receptioninsts. bankers, tax accountants, telemarketers, video relay interpreters, and so on. For anyone who sits a lot, really.

I really like this video - in style, information presented, attitude, and method. Good information.

. And I love the 23 1/2 hours.... Yes.