Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hours Turn to Days Turn to a Week

So here I am one day short of a week since my last post. I hadn't noticed. It was an intense week in an emotional kind of way. Also a crossroads for a health decision, as a result of the incident last fall; and the consulted specialist's recommendation is not what I was originally told nor what I hoped.

Then this morning I showed up somewhere and bumped into someone I haven't seen for a couple or three weeks. He commented that he's been checking in here and following my writing. Except that I haven't been writing much recently.

And I said, true, I haven't posted here. But I have been writing.

See, he and I had a long, nice conversation a couple of months ago. About writing and life and experience and knowledge.

And starting a blog. Setting up a website. Which he wanted to do.

So this gentle man's greeting and noticing brought me back to here.

To writing outside of assignments.

To the space outside of the thoughts and concerns of this week.

And the writing class is now officially over.

Thank you.
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