Friday, July 23, 2010

Razor's Edge for 7/23/10

Serena Barton just announced another opportunity to take her Altered Books workshop next weekend. In these workshops, participants start with printed books (I was going to say "old" books - but they don't have to be old, they just have to be actual hardcover printed books!). They add things, layer things, cut things out, attach things, paste/glue/stain/rip, and more, with the end result being these fabulous artistic creations that started with a story someone else wrote and are now the creative expression of the artist.

Today's Razor's Edge is the opposite of Serena's altered books workshop. Below are a series of pictures and you are to write a story using these pictures. My original idea is that you would use the pictures in the same order as the original book - but I know some of you will be thinking that you want them rearranged. So - if your story wants the pictures in a different order, go ahead; it will be your story.

After you've written your story with these pictures, here is the original story by Hayes Roberts from MagicKeys; don't even look at the title (which is why I'm leaving it off!) - make your altered book with your own title and words! And have fun.

Once again, here is a link to the original story by Hayes Roberts that goes with these pictures. But I encourage you to create your own narrative out of these scenes.