Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moonlight Paddle

from Serena Barton's blog... It was a beautiful evening paddle.

"Boating in the Moonlight
Saturday night we celebrated my son Ian's birthday by taking him and his fiancee, Ruby, on a "Moonlight Paddle" on River Lake, a tributary of the Columbia. Despite all my stepfamily and my partner being avid kayakers, I had not even stepped into one before! It's never too late, and I had a wonderful time. Can't wait to go again. The event was put on by Ridgefield Kayak who did a wonderful job.

I don't have any photos yet, but the "Wabi-Sabi" piece below is an impression of how I felt as we paddled in the light from the full moon with small lights clamped onto the back of each boat. We paddled up to a beach where we picnicked and roasted marshmallows. The area where we were was once home to about 900 Native Americans. It must have been so incredible then..."

Moonlight Flit
by Serena Barton

If you visit Serena's blog, she includes a description of how she created the above piece.

We had a wonderful time. It was the first time I'd done Ridgefield Kayak's Moonlight Paddle and it was perfect. Other than well over 50 mosquito bites (yes, I put on repellant; lots of it), it was exactly what I needed and was perfect for Serena as a first-time kayaking experience. And Ian & Ruby enjoyed the birthday outing. We paddled for a little over an hour up to the confluence of Lake River and the Columbia River, where we pulled out for the fire and s'mores. Then we paddled back to the boathouse with the full moon reflecting on the river and following the trail of small white lights on the back of each kayak.