Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time: A Writer's Friend or Foe?

I've been experimenting recently with having one full day devoted to writing. Yes, I have to schedule the occasional chiropractic appointment or something on that sacred day once in a while - but, overall, everything I do is devoted to writing. Which includes actually writing!

And, as I've commented here before, it doesn't mean that I *only* write on that one day. But in this time of novel editing and revision, it is benefitting the progress of said novel by having one day where I know I have chunks of time to be with it and work through scene changes and make notes and research, and so on.

But I've been afraid of only working on the novel because, while I'm getting better at the editing a long piece of writing process, I still really like to write new material. Which is where the other days of the week come in. Or maybe even on my writing focused day if I have a deadline and need something new.

Then tonight I went online and stopped by my blog reader program and there is was. A post from WOW! about writing in bits and pieces. It's worth clicking on over to read - if you have short bits of time and wonder what you can truly do with only 10 minutes. Personally, I find it hard to get much editing done on a longer work in that time - but I can see some of their suggestions working out. And isn't it all a step along the path to shifting the balance of a writer's life to include more, well, writing!

Here is an excerpt, with a link below to the entire article.

What Can You Write in Ten Minutes?

There are some days when it feels like my writing time is divided into ten minutes segments. Ten minutes of writing then the washer buzzes. Ten minutes of writing then the UPS man is at the door. Ten minutes of writing then my stomach starts growling. Ten minutes of writing then the dog needs to be let out. After a few interruptions I’m ready to call it a day and head for the hammock. I needed a solution for days when I know there won’t be long chucks of uninterrupted writing time. And with three kids they are plenty of those!

Why not try writing magazine fillers?
Click here to read the entire post, full of ideas!