Monday, April 26, 2010

Work in Progress

Three of the important things in my life right now are: the MissFit Dragons (dragon boat team), getting back to 100% health after this prolonged irritating illness, and My Novel.

The dragon boat team is going great. We have a few new people and mostly returning and experienced people. We are strong and paddling well. I love this group of women and, again, am reminded how lucky I was to get into the right team last year. As we paddle on the river, passing and being passed by, other teams, I hear coaches yelling and berating and belittling. I'm not saying that our coach doesn't reprimand if needed - but it's not her modus operandi. We are a cohesive team - a recreational team who wants to be competitive. Don't misunderstand - I don't think we'd mind if we won, but our goal is to do a good job as a team and be proud of our efforts. This week we add a third practice to our weekly schedule - and that's good, although it does take a chunk out of one of my days off. But we are a community, not just teammates. There are a couple of people with significant life issues right now and it's wonderful how the team is pulling together to help them out. We have fun, we laugh, we workout, we train, and we do other things besides paddle together.

And this illness. Enough, already. This is one of those lingering things and it is also one of those Life Lesson things, I think. It's forcing me to take naps or sleep more. It's forcing me to slow down. And in this process I am finding that I feel better when I sleep more. Lessons. My Naturopath will be happy that I'm learning this lesson. I am much better. A little better each day, if I get enough sleep and if I nap if I don't get enough sleep at night. I think this is my longest running illness ever in my life. Even longer than when I had walking pneumonia as a kid. It will pass. And I'm learning how to pace myself - which is including not doing my pace training. Sadly. But part of this lesson is to listen; not push; check in and follow what I find. And to keep going. Balance, anyone?

And, definitely not least on the list is The Novel. It has a working title, but I'm not telling. The working title will be changed. I did the scene cards and a few notes. Then went back to add margin notes and add a few scene cards. Right now I'm about 2/3 of the second pass through for scenes and full margin notes. And I'm thinking - okay, what's next? This is the first time I've edited a full novel. Some parts of it I really like; some parts are confusing. Some characters are pretty solid and clear, some are caricatures and need to be filled in a little more. Some facts conflict themselves. All in the process of writing and editing a novel. Right now I can't think about editing the whole novel - the sitting down at the computer and revising, rewriting, deleting. But I can think about scenes. And stories. And characters. Some pieces I have edited for my writing workshop/group. Some are as raw as when they were first written. But I will get it done.

Page by page.

Follow the current
- of the river for the dragon boat
- of my body for healing and working out
- of the story for the novel.

Works in progress.