Thursday, April 29, 2010

Announcement: New Writing Workshops

I am partnering with two people for two sets of workshops. Both will be starting in the summer and below is a preview of what's to come.

One group of workshops will be in collaboration with Ridgefield Kayak in Ridgefield, Washington - 30 minutes north of Portland. This is my "Paddling Poet" series - although it won't be limited to just poetry. I will give more details as Ridgefield and I get everything set in place. The dates will be Thursday 7/15 evening, Thursday 8/5 evening and Friday 8/27 late morning/midday. There will also be at least one fall date added - probably in conjunction with the arrival of the winter birds at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge (early October).

The second group of workshops will take place in August and September. These will include an outing component and a studio workshop component. You can do all four or one. These will be focused on presence and creativity, which includes - but is not limited to - writing. Much more information will be forthcoming! This series will include elements of Miksang and Wabi Sabi.

I'm excited to be putting these workshops together and especially with these two wonderful women. Writing and water; writing and nature.
[note: Ridgefield Kayak has kayaks and gear available for regular rentals, as well as guided paddles and basic instruction classes. They do an excellent job of fitting you to the right kayak (in terms of size, skill, experience) and they offer shorter and longer trips for all experience levels.]

Herman Creek photo,
bottom right, by gaijinrunner

heron photo is from
the Ridgefield Kayak website