Friday, November 20, 2009

NaNoWriMo: day 19

Oops. Today was a big ol' -0- on the word count. I was planning to write after getting home at 10pm after a very long day, returning the rental car I had because my car wouldn't start when I went back out after getting a sandwich. It had to be towed. I had to get to work then work today. Alas, internet connection was down again (wind storms are causing outages) - the one down side to having novel in google docs. Oh well. I'm still ahead on words and maybe my story will move along after a break. Like needing to rest with this darn cold so I can get well and do the half marathon on the 29th. Life is not cooperating with my noveling.

But here's hoping I can get in some good hours of writing this weekend between walks (indoors; I need to get and keep well!) and work gigs.

I can't check my word count, either. I bet Jenny has caught up to me by now! Christi is not too far back there, either. And I think Alexander is holding out on us.

Off to bed now. I have an early day tomorrow.