Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NaNoWriMo: day 10

Today I had some down time on a job. No laptop. No wireless access even if I did (which means no access to my novel, since I'm using Google Docs for writing it). But I had pen and paper. So while the clients were involved in individual activities for an extended time, I went back to pen and paper and wrote. And wrote - always keeping one ear and one eye on the room, listening and surveying in case I was needed.

For 35 minutes, I wrote longhand. I filled 10 pages of lined notebook paper. I did an estimated count of 1,650 words!

This brings my approximate total to 23,035. [update: the official count once I typed in the handwritten material was 23,023.]

I also noticed that my longhand word count was just as quick as my typing word count for a similar time. Interesting. Except that now I'm trying to type in all those words I wrote and I'm noticing that it is actually taking me longer to type in what I wrote than if I was creating and typing at the same time.

What does it mean?

Nothing, I guess. Except: hmmm, interesting!


  1. Dot, did you read Lynda Barry's pep talk today? She wrote about the magic in handwriting - with no access to a delete key :) Very cool!

    As is your experience and that awesome word count :) Congrats on such a great process so far!

  2. Thanks, Christi.

    Yes, I had to laugh about Lynda Barry's pep talk. It was great on its own - then coupled with my experience on the same way - hoohah!

    You've had a nice boost yourself, in the total word area :-)