Friday, May 1, 2009

time keeps on ticking, ticking

I posted my writing for this week in the Lit Star Training class. I stayed up until 4AM to finish it because I wanted this one to be on time. I never posted last week's; time has slipped away into work and leavings and sleep and workouts and practice. Last night I interpreted "Frost/Nixon" at Portland Center Stage so I will have back another big chunk of time.

No, wait. Not really; I'm interpreting "How I Learned to Drive" at Portland Community College just two weeks from today.

Night before last I slept eight hours and fifteen minutes. That was waking up on my own time. It was nice. Last night I slept four hours because I had to write - I couldn't let it go. Then I had an appointment with my trainer.

Tonight I'll sleep. And I just gained two hours on Sunday because I was over my allowable hours at my part-time job for April so they are having me go in two hours later on Sunday. No problem.