Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New York City and Bat Mitzvahs

So, this is how the post begins... it is so worth clicking on the title to jump on over and read the rest of her post. Makes me long for another trip to New York City.

From macaronimaniac :

>I Went to Yael's Bat Mitzvah, and All I Got Was the Swine Flu

Wednesday, April 29, 7:00 pm: As Cheez and I,
newly arrived in New York City, emerge from Penn Station, he is reminded of
something he read years ago, about how coming to New York after a long absence
feels like you've just gotten out of in prison.

Saturday, May 9, 9:45 am: As Cheez and I lumber
through a subway tunnel on the way to meet some friends for brunch, I remark
that after ten days, being in New York feels like we're currently serving a term
in prison.

Please go read the rest. Or, at least, look at the pictures.

Thanks, Macaroni!