Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nearing the End of Overload

I have been so busy that I have fallen behind on my posts here. Almost everything that is happening is good - it's just a lot. So - a quick update:

- my second Lit Star Training course with Ariel Gore is coming to an end this week; I did not keep up as well as last time. But I will be giving it another go during the summer months. It's been helpful and has keep writing on my radar. I am grateful to the talented writers who have shared their work and their feedback.

- Dragon Boats: oh, I can't say enough. We are prepared. We will do our very best and we will have a good time. In just nine days we will be competing in race one and race two; then in ten days we will be in the quarter finals and, perhaps, the finals. We have trained well, had good attendance, made new friends, and become more fit than we were before. And some of us have launched into new activity levels because of it. Only two more practices left (Saturday and next Tuesday), then our team dinner and ... there we are!

- the Anthology from my first Lit Star Training course with Ariel Gore is nearing publication. It has been several months of numerous emails, discussions about format and printing and layout and prices and legalities and personality conflicts and resolutions and working together to create a little gem of a book which will showcase some of our Quick Writes from the course, in various stages of editing. It will be beautiful.

- teaching interpreting internship. Just a couple weeks left and the interns will be launched into the field as working interpreters. They have done well; they have practiced and studied and prepared and I have good reports from their mentors. I will not be teaching this summer - and I think it will be a welcome break. I enjoy teaching - and once in a while I need to not teach. This internship has been great, though, and I look forward to meeting these two as peers on the job in the future.

Still in progress: trying to gather a couple or three or four more walkers for the 131.8 mile relay at the end of July; writing more (including finishing up a piece that is due tomorrow!); training for the relay, which has me walking 3.5 - 7 miles a day!!, with some double walks (of 4 to 7 miles) in July in preparation for the relay doubles or triples; getting a couple of submissions for magazines ready to go; and a few other personal things that need to get taken care of.

All is well. Just busy!

Oh. And work. *smile*