Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more: borrowed words

Here is another snippet from Richard Foreman's notebooks for you to play with. (Jump down to 12/28/08 for more information. Basically, this writer/director/producer writes every day and makes his raw material of random dialogue available for anyone to use. So, use it!)

Challenge yourself to create characters and a scene to go with this dialogue. Of course, snip, expand, alter as needed!

= = from the Richard Foreman notebook Cafe 2 here = =

Is this really your kind of town?

I haven't been here very long.

But you get the feel of things kinda fast, or I miss my guess.

I'm the kind of person--

Nothing satisfies you, yes?

You're right

So this isn't really your kind of town. I mean, for the first day or two, you said to yourself, hey , maybe this is ok. You managed to squeeze out a little poetic frisson from a turn around the corner into this vista, then that vista, but then with a lkittle more time, it didn't resally seem to hold up, did it.

You're right.

Of course I'm right. This town is a shit town. Take it from me, I had deep experience of this shit town, and a shit town is what it is.

That doesn't leave much doubt.

On the other hand, a lot of oppoprtunity is here, for somebody looking for a certain kind of something.