Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ding dong

The baton of power has been handed over. Now is the time of President Obama and we are all waiting to see what changes will really happen, because it does take more than just one person to pull them off.

But as I listened to his inaugural address in my car and listened to the poet in the cafe, waiting for my soy latte, I finally felt a change. As Obama was speaking, it started. Between Obama and the poet, the NPR announcer said something and I felt a weight actually lift off of me. The air cleared a bit and I took a breath.

I am sitting sipping my coffee and wondering about change. His change. Our country's change. People's change.I think he's a fine person and I'm skeptical of how long and how much change will really be possible. So much damage, it won't be quick.

And I realize that, even if he is blocked on positive social change, even if he turns out to not be as New as some people hope - there is a change.

As of this moment, Black/African-American people can see themselves on the presidential stage in this country. It is no longer only a hope or wish or belief, but there is a non-white president. Someone up there to point to and say, "see, it can be done."