Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NaNoWriMo Day 8 - writing meet ups work

Despite what is happening right now - or perhaps because of what is happening right now - I am posting that I am still writing. I wrote a pile of words today and they were good words. The word were on track with the story and they flowed.

I was late to the writing session but I got there. I opened the laptop. I had a decaf latte and a Green Goat breakfast bowl and I wrote. I wrote almost the daily average, just a hundred or so words short. And it was good.

My current word count is 11.410. The goal for today was 13,333. Not too far behind. I will have several hours of writing tomorrow. Then Thursday to Saturday are exclusively for writing - I hope to get many words ahead because next week is busy.

So this other thing is happening right now and I am disappointed and pissed off. In a bit of not quite shock but irritation. Oh, and embarrassment.

Yet we will go on. I have been reading posts on breaks. People who are out there in the front lines of my writing circles, for the artists and the misfits and those of us working on our voices and our art, with the people on the ground in the streets and making voices heard.

And fear. There is fear.

I will continue writing. That can't be taken away. As many in my circles are saying, there is work left to do. There would be work to do either way, this is more work.

Part of our work is to not be silenced.

I am writing and will continue to write.