Friday, April 19, 2013

Challenge : Q is for Quirky

Q is for Quirky.

Oh, no, can it be that I'm stuck in a rut? A theme with random visits to outsiderland? It could be. And that's okay. But Quirky is different than nerd. Yes.

Quirky can be anything that doesn't conform to the norm.

Quirky can be wearing slips as skirts and underwear as hats (yes, I know someone who actually does that - as a joke, to make me smile sometimes - and yes they are clean underwear). It might be eating only yellow foods or drinking water only between the hours of 9 -10 am and 4-5 pm, and 9-10 pm.

I like the sound of Quirky when I say it out loud. I like how it looks on the page - "Q" is often a fun one to write (though it hasn't always bee). I like how the typed word nods to itself with the bottom of the Q and the bottom of the 'y' reaching towards each other before the grounding line.

That's it - simple. I like the word and appeared on my Q day.

Other Q words to consider:
query (I bet there are some great Q posts on this from other bloggers)