Friday, October 21, 2011

Two Weeks Later

This morning I had a follow-up appointment with my regular MD for the hospitalization two weeks ago.

Everything looks good. All vitals perfect and my lungs sound clear and strong. This is good news.

The other good news is that the probability is high that I will be able to stop the medication in about six months. Their concern is that there is no known cause for what happened. (I do have another test next week to rule out a final potential site of causation - which I'm hoping also comes up negative.)

So they might want to keep me on the medication for life. No, thanks. My MD doctor actually agreed with me. I'd rather take the chance of it happening again rather than continue with the risks associated with the medication. And I've already started the dialogue with my Naturopathic Doctor about natural prevention once I get off the meds. Of course, there are more tests - but the chances are we won't have a definitive cause.

I asked my MD about the length of time I'd be having symptoms - especially the breathing. My breathing is much better, but there are still times I get a little winded after doing something and it's not back to normal. Not that I was doing so unrealistic to expect it to be all gone by now - but I had no concept of when I could expect symptoms to dissipate.

Her answer? A few months.

I have an answer. I'm not happy about it - but at least I know. And I will adjust.

And I'm scheduled for a review in April with the hope of stopping the prescribed medication.

Meanwhile, back to writing. Especially now that I'm caught up on grading student journals.

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