Friday, October 14, 2011

Razor's Edge for Friday 10/14/11

It has been a week.

A week of changes and scary events and challenges to who I am. And yet - I'm still me. I'm still here.

And all across the United States of America cities are being Occupied. Protests. Arrests. Impromptu Camps. Marches without Permits.

Those doing the work, the average American, the non-Rich - the Not Top One Percent - have had enough and are marching. Are shouting. Saying - Enough.

And on the first day of the encampment in downtown Portland I passed out in the parking lot of the community college where I work part-time. Which led to a trip to the emergency room. Which led to hospitalization and a scary diagnosis which is being treated with a scary medication. And I'm getting better.

On the day of Occupation, things changed. And are still changing. It's not over.

Where were you when Occupation hit your town/city? Or the nearest city to you?

The video below is a performance of the Boris and Natasha Dancers. The dancers change - but the premise is the same. Linda Austin, dancer and choreographer, takes a few untrained males and teaches them a dance - to perform. This is a performance of one Boris and Natasha incarnation.

Watch the video. When it's done, think about where you were when Occupation came to your neighborhood. Place yourself - or a fictional character - with these dancers, during Occupation.

Write. For 10 minutes. Go!