Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Returning to the Rest of My Life

Tomorrow I return to one of my part-time jobs. It's the first time back to work since being in the hospital last week. I've been following doctor's instructions, resting, not pushing myself. Checking in with my body and my breathing.

I had to cancel part of my work on Friday and set up an alternative venue for teaching. I can't navigate the campus, the standing, the movement between rooms, and the energy level of teaching. So I will be holding class via phone conference instead of in person.

I think tomorrow will be okay, as I'm sitting most of the time, except for breaks. And the breaks are necessary - my doctor suggests taking breaks every 30 minutes, since sitting a long time would be contraindicated for my condition. And standing? No, I can't do that for a long time, either; also contraindicated. So, the breaks I would take each hour, I will divide in half and take every 30 minutes.

These days, my life seems to be made up of scheduling time for medication, time for lab work, now time for breaks. Noticing how I feel - closely.


Time to step back into work life. And continue paying attention. To notice if I get tired, if my breathing changes, if I need a break.

Time. Rest. Return.

Writing. Reading. Thinking.