Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feeling Humbled By Recent Events

elated by the news that I am done with the injections
and can skip today's planned trip to the lab
for another blood draw

nod my head to the phone when the pro-time nurse tells me
today 4 pills, tomorrow 3 pills
then we'll see
no lab today but yes tomorrow

another call from my insurance/care-center needing
to schedule a test with a long intimidating name
the test requires
no prep
it's another examination in an attempt to determine
why I
an otherwise healthy person who was at low risk
for this event -
it happened

I don't want anything more to be wrong and
everything points to everything being fine
these two spots
on the CT exam
which stole my breath away

the doctors want to know why
I just want them to go away
I just want to return to
normal, my normal

breathing returns
energy is still lagging
stairs are so much easier
and each day I meditate with hand mudras
my body's terror when I couldn't breathe
washing away
spots dissolving or being absorbed; shrinking


grateful to be alive
grateful for this strong body and organs
which kept going and are
grateful for my partner
my friends
my life

and sleep
which I think is my greatest healer

a word